Creative Solutions to Ugly Problems.

Rebrand Web Studio is the brain child from Rebrand Advertising, a Miami based advertising agency with a strong focus on breathtaking design, branding, and strategic planning. It distinguishes itself through its ability to consistently produce brand experiences and marketing communications that are cost efficient, inventive in form, sound in concept and appropriate to our clients’ business and strategic objectives. Rebrand Advertising develops a peer-level relationship with each client, immersing itself in the company culture and encouraging active participation at the most senior levels of the organization. For more than 13 years, founders Jose Farina and Nathalie Guerin have worked collaboratively in the advertising industry to provide clients with world-class integrated marketing services. Through a focused discovery process we discover what is most important to you and your clients and we focus all of our design and marketing resources to deliver an outstanding product.


Rebrand Web Studio designs to please. Not only will you be happy, but so will your audience. We focus on providing an engaging design that will impress and convert the people you love to keep your business growing and looking great while doing it.


The only way to measure the success of our design is by delivering results to our clients. Time and again we have achieved amazing results for all of our clients through effectively planning every step we take to complete your project.

What makes us different?

Let us share with you the things people know and love about us.


We focus on creative solutions for your web design needs. Leave the templates to the other guys.


Having a mobile-friendly site is no longer an option. It’s a MUST, and we make them more beautiful than ever.


Good design means it’s easy to use and understand. Your customers don’t want to guess, they want to know intuitively.


While we pride ourselves on our customer service, there may come a time when you need to make some changes without us. We make it easy for that to happen.


We don’t believe in taking a shot in the dark. We formulate a unique plan based on what your customers want to see and what you want to provide. Is there any other way?


You’ll know everything about everything when it comes to your site. Performance is key and now you’ll have the numbers to make your choices.


Jose Farina


“Master of the Universe”

Nathalie Farina

Senior Creative Director

“Influencer of Imagination”

Jose Farina Sr.

Chief Financial Officer

“Mr. Money”

Lesley Coster

Vice President of Operations

“Chaos Controller”

Vinu Narayanan

Senior Web Developer

“Code Cowboy”

Barbara Alves

Jr. Creative Director

“Branding Badass”

Yoandy Hernandez

Jr. Graphic Designer

“Captain Original”


Moral Support/Mascot

“Inspiration Instigator”